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Country: Russia
Platform: Ethereum
Token Symbol: BNR
Category: Charity


Team:12 people




Dmitrii Pavlov Co-founder, CEODmitrii Pavlov
Co-founder, CEO
Oleg Chertov Co-founder, CIOOleg Chertov
Co-founder, CIO
Kateryna Feshchuk Head of Commercial DepartmentKateryna Feshchuk
Head of Commercial Department
Dmytro Zaika Head of Sales DepartmentDmytro Zaika
Head of Sales Department
Vladyslav Bezuhlyi Head of Sales DepartmentVladyslav Bezuhlyi
Head of Sales Department
Anatolii Yakovets Head of Sales DepartmentAnatolii Yakovets
Head of Sales Department
Anna Stetsenko Manager on work with VIP clientsAnna Stetsenko
Manager on work with VIP clients
Andrii Haievets Manager on work with VIP clientsAndrii Haievets
Manager on work with VIP clients
Tetiana Onyshchenko Head of Sales DepartmentTetiana Onyshchenko
Head of Sales Department
Volodymyr Hladkyi Chief Marketing OfficerVolodymyr Hladkyi
Chief Marketing Officer
Volodymyr Horbachenko SEO-specialistVolodymyr Horbachenko
Oleksandr Shyrai Head of WEB DepartmentOleksandr Shyrai
Head of WEB Department

About the project

In 2017, UCT WORLD CORPORATION ( was nominated to TOP 10 of Google 's fastest growing partners, owing to the BiNeuro system ICO. Our company have been developing and using the in-house version of BiNeuro since 2009. On the advertising campaigns of our clients, BiNeuro shows a stable increase in the campaign's performance by at least 50%.

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system built on Data Science Technology: machine learning (neural networks),Big Data, Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA),fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. The need to manage the multi-factor process in a qualitative way leads the company to a significant increase in the cost of organizing advertising campaigns, and this still does not save us from ineffectiveness.
The need to manage the multi-factor process
Scaling BiNeuro by transferring to WEB interface that allows a small advertising agency or freelancer, independently and effectively carry out online advertising campaigns for small and large customers, is able to reformat the market with volume of $ 220.83 billion in a short time.


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